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Her’s a link to a very intersting blog posting to ERE.net. The news is good. While not all of the suggested actions will take place imeeidately and certainly will not affect everyone, it’s still very promising.

Good News…It’s Going To Get Better

The promise of full employment is not looking as good. The government has long had a percentage of unemloyment that was aceptable, years ago it was 3%, last I heard it was 6%. It’s the number of people that are inbetween jobs or available for work. The way the government thinks, if you have nobody available you can not grow the economy at a healthy clip. Their way of thinking is that you need a certain number of unemployed folks to grow the economy. If you think about it a bit, if you can not hire you can not grow. The thinking gets dicey when you look at temporary unemployment numbers and the chronically unemployed. We’re quite sure the 3 and 6 number factored in the chronic number (we can hope anyway).

When people don’t want to change jobs (as cn be found in the current climate) and when salaries and benefits are not attracting, it’s pretty hard to grow a business. Set aside the issues of the demand side of the chain.

The recovery from the recession looks to be slow and painful for lots of people. The percentage that the government will settle for in unemployment may be somewhat higher than in the past. I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope that the 9.5% number that we’re hearing as a number that we will get back too in 2010 is not the number we settle down with.

But, with all the negative we hear on the news, for us to see good short term and hopeful numbers such as in the report is good. We’ll take good.

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