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This article in InformationWeek just about lays it out there for all to see:

Why Your Next IT Job Will Be In Healthcare

No doubt that HIT will be a centerpiece for new, and higher paying, jobs in the economic recovery. The question about the source of the employees is still up in the air. We seriously doubt if all of the positions that will be opened can be filled by available US workers. Do we see a clamoring of people trying to retool themsleves for fill future jobs?

Eli Lilly has recently announced their plans to cut back their workforce. If you follow this kind of news very closely, you would also find that althought the plan is to trim their workforce, they are still hiring several thousand people “off shore” in places that they feel are developing markets. They are cutting jobs primarily in developed markets.

Jobs in some sectors are becoming more global in nature and we think we see that very clearly in IT. We suspect we’ll be seeing that even more clearly in HIT soon.

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