Too Cheap To Be True?

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It’s always been a bit hard to swallow the $19 or $20 Billion dollars that was allocated for government backed HIT stimulation. Just a tad too low. The HIT lobby was pushing for something in the order of $75B, so what made folks think it could be had for less than a third of the estimates? So the report comes out from the U.S. Dpeartment of Health and Human Services talking about a number closer to $50B, should we be surprized?


It wouldn’t surprise us too much if the number that finally gets spent would be closer to what the industry experts were lobbying for in the first place. For whatever reqson the government has been trying to hunt elephants with a BB gun evidenced by the recent clunker car buy-back program, the payments for which are still not completely paid to the dealerships.

In other unrelated areas, we are seeing a substantially smaller number of third party/H1B shops soliciting our business. While we can’t be sure that it’s not “just us” that is releaved of the email, we are seeing fewer postings on blogs about the irritation of the calls and email from the third party folks, indicating to us that others may be experiencing the same relief as we are. We were getting 30+ calls and emails per day at the beginning of the recession and now only suffer 10 or so.

Like we had suspected we might see, candidates are seeing more “multiple offer” situations now than a year ago, well even a couple of months ago. It’s not quite a candidates market, and even equilibrium is a ways down the road, but at least we’re seeing more movement.

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