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This came in through one of the blogs we follow:

BOSS: Are you planning to resign today?

CANDIDATE: Who me (as he tries to figure out who blew the whistle)? NO - Who told you that?

BOSS: You did.

CANDIDATE: What (his face started to heat up) NO I did not!

BOSS: Yes, you did. You called my cell phone over the weekend while you were eating out Saturday and talking to your wife about resigning. It was a 10 minute call - I heard everything.


BOSS: Way. I even heard you when you placed your order.

CANDIDATE: You did not!

BOSS: Yes, I did. You dined at 5 Guys on Saturday about 1:15pm - ordered 2 burgers (one with cheese and one without), 2 Diet Cokes, and you shared an order of fries. I heard the entire conversation (in detail) about how you were planning to resign today.

CANDIDATE: (face glowing red by now) Wow - I guess I did not lock the keyboard on my phone and accidentally dialed your number. Well, ummm I was going to tell you later today.

BOSS: I know - after work was what you said.


Luckily, the resignation was the last step in the process. He had recently been interviewing and had a new position, thus the plans to resign.

Around the house, we call the technique which got the gentleman in the embarrassing situation “butt calling” as it frequently occurs when the kids sit on their cell phones they keep in their back pockets.

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