Low Profile and Under the Radar

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Have you noticed that the talk in the news has shifted to insurance reform and away from access to care issues. Rarely does anyone talk about quality of care issues. For the past few weeks, less and less is mentioned about technology issues as it related to healtcare.

Sometimes flying under the radar is a good thing. So perhaps, that little about HIT is in the news is a good thing. Right about now, Sen. Baucus (D-MT) is probably a bit tired of his name being in lights and he just might wish he was under the radar too.

We’ll know soon enough if there will be the much ballyhooed vote on the Senate healthcare plan and then we’ll see if more information about HIT will start to circulate.

In any event, hiring seems to be picking up. It’s the third quarter and that always helps. We’re seeing a few more poeple throw their hats into the ring. It’s not a circus ring by any stretch, but there is strong hiring going on in the HIT sector. The need for implementation managers has increased. There has been less demand for software specific implementation background and more emphasis placed on project management skills.

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