Folks Are Still Worried, But It’s Better

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On October 2, in her show on Fox News called, “On The Record,” Grenta Van Susteren asked Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) some questions. Now it’s Fox News, it’s television and a Republican is answering the question, but could he be saying what a large silent number of Americans are worried about?

“VAN SUSTEREN: All right, well, let me bring you the other question. Taxes for people who make less than $250,000, will they go up with the health care reform bills that are currently proposed?

PENCE: Well, it’s hard to see otherwise. I mean, the House bill, for instance, includes some $800 billion in new taxes, and $500 billion of that represents a surcharge on upper-income Americans, but the remainder of those taxes are taxes on small business owners, fees and fines, and — you know, and that’s obviously going to be passed along to working families.”

There was more to the interview but most of it was so slanted I just couldn’t buy into it, but the segment above rings too true to the worried people be have been listening too. Businesses are afraid of more taxes. Middle cleass Americans are either afraid of new taxes or so confused they are staying silent.

How does this effect HIT? Are you wondering why the government is still trying to define “meaningful use?” If you are still wondering, think politically and the answer is in the question/answers of Ms. Van Susteren. Nobody wants to stick their political necks out there and so they don’t (typically). Until there is some firm decisions that won’t be changed after the money is received by healthcare insititutions (like the rules for the banks changing after the money was sent to them), I think we can all understand why healthcare is hesitant to rush forward into the uncharted waters.

Luckily, we still have a good feeling on employment within the HIT arena. Jobs are beginning to open up in non-EMR types of companies. Of course we are into the third quarter which is typically a busy one, but typical in this year and this economy is anything but typical. Typical or not, I’ll take it.

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