Wal-Mart…A HIT Player

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From HIStalk:

“Here’s a keynote address I would have loved to hear. Ron Galloway spoke at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo this week and said that the Wal-Mart’s distribution of eClinicalWorks “is the biggest thing going on in healthcare right now.” Galloway also predicts that between the company’s plan to get its 1.4 million employees’ health record formatted electronically and the projected 22 million patients visiting its EHR-equipped clinics by 2014, Wal-Mart is positioned to be a major force in HIT.”

That’s just a scary proposition. Not only is Wal-Mart crushing the Feds with their “get ur done” mentality, WM is also showing us that when they want to flex their sizable biceps, they can crush more than beer cans. WM is a powerful company. Love them or hate them, one would have to at least give them a nod on this project. I just wish they could see their way to not send their IT off-shore.

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