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I’ve posted here on several occasion that I’m a big fan of HIStalk. I continue to be a fan and read the blog several times a week.

I also read FierceHealthIT. Sometimes I get something from it and sometimes I don’t. When I do get a gem, it’s the “Hope Diamond” of concepts. Today was one of the diamonds, particularly this paragraph:

“All the noise over the summer–and I mean all the noise–has been about the role of government in moving toward the universal insurance coverage. While I certainly believe universal coverage is an admirable goal, the problem with viewing coverage in isolation is that having insurance with fewer exclusions and less chance of rescission just means someone else will pay when you get care, subject, of course, to deductibles and co-payments. It does not mean you will get good care, nor does it mean you will get the appropriate services. It also perpetuates a convoluted system of reactive, sick care rather than promoting a culture of proactive prevention. It may not even change the habits of those who have become conditioned to going to an ER every time their children get a runny nose.” full post

I have not read many of Neil Versel’s pieces before, but found this particular post to be hitting the nuts and bolts of improved healthcare, not just insurance availability (let alone reform) or IT implementation (into an ailing health system) . His poke at preemptive health initiatives is subtle but an important topic that is passed over in the politically charged debate on insurance availability.

Whatever the direction taken in the “big debate,” HIT continues to be a side show in the big tent. But IT is and will continue to be an important component to any solution that the government will come up with. Whether they know it or not, well that’s another story. But they have put up money and the funding has stimulated activity in the HIT sector.

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