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Every so often one reads about some object being left in a patient during surgery or a person ingests something than is over looked during physicals, but nothing compates to the follow story. The patient in this case was a trained medical professional and had personal experiences regarding his condition from previous situations. For some reason I am reminded of the old adage, “Garbage In - Garbage Out.”

‘A VA inspector’s report finds that the Hampton VA Medical Center misdiagnosed a man’s stroke that left him permanently disabled. The former paramedic told the ED clerk that he was having a stroke and presented with classic symptoms, but was sent home. Also noted was that another patient’s lab result had been posted to his EMR, leading to the incorrect assessment that his labs were OK. The doctor, whose contract was not renewed, had copied and pasted results from another patient. The whole story…

VA hospital ignored vet’s stroke, report finds

I am amazed at how far medical records have come. I’m think that the human error)s_ made in this case should cause some alarms to sound in the EMR world. It is obviously an unusual case, but never the less, it happened and could happen again unless EMR input is correct.

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